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ImageReview DescriptionNameDate added
Amazing result ! Definitely recommended ❤️Charbel Emmanuel20/07/2020
Thankyou Dr for making me smile again especially during this pandemic ...Sandra fakhry08/07/2020
Im in love with my new smile, thank you Dr for this amazing result!Alaa lakkis06/07/2020
Ktir 7elwin merciii💞Maria andary13/02/2020
I love my smile 😍😍 thank you doctor ❤️Myriam kaddissy17/07/2019
Loved the result! Especially the doctor and the staff who were kind and funny. Thank you!Patricia Murr12/07/2019
Thank you Dr. Rafeh for this amazing result . Highly RecommandZeina Al Kadi24/04/2019
Highly recommended for expats too. it was all worth traveling to leb for my teeth.Elie El Tom22/09/2018
Thank you for your wonderful work✨Gaelle Chaaya08/08/2018
An amazing and inspirational person/orthodontist/debater 😁Jad Haddad24/07/2018
I’m very satisfied and now i feel more confident when i smile. Thank you best doc ever!Sara estephan22/05/2018
Hands down the best Orthodontist in town.Always in the most wonderful mood and loves to follow up with his patients. 🙂Mirabelle Georges Geha07/03/2018
I am in love with my new smile ! Thank you Dr Rafeh El Alam !!Christelle Sfeir27/02/2018
Brilliant result!Thank u for bringing back my smile (literally) 🙂 Won't forget the funny visits and professional work!!Daisy Baasil19/02/2018
Dr. Alam, un vrai créateur de sourires! MERCII 😘Ingrid Namek19/06/2018
Merci dr. Rafeh for the best smile ever my teeth look fantasticgabrielhjeily20/12/2017
I appreciate your hard work. Thanks for this beautiful result.Rita Akiki24/09/2017
Merci d'avoir pris grand soin de mon état dentaire! Sublime résultat.Elissa Tannous20/09/2017
My Experience was fantastic. The orthodontic treatment I received has changed my life by giving me security in my smile.Clara-Christy Mrad14/09/2017
Dr Rafeh El Alam, accueillant et agréable. docteur très doué, maitrise parfaitement bien l'orthodonthie, et travaille avec soin et délicatesse. Satisfaite du résultat et heureuse d'avoir choisi ce médecin professionel. Mille mercis pour mon sourire !Anaïs Atallah12/09/2017
My teeth look fantastic! I am very grateful . I am getting compliments how great my teeth look. My confidence in public is growing every day. Thank you for being a great dentist! Best Regards.Elias zaybak01/09/2017
Thank you dr. Rafeh for the best smile ever 😁Anthony Farhat11/07/2017
I am very satisfied with the service I have received, as well as the care and time Dr. ElAlam put.Jonathan Hakim01/07/2017
Thanks to Dr. Alam, my snoring pb and my breathe pauses were solved. Hé introduced to me his gutter and my life changed.camille chammas13/05/2017
Using Dr.Alam's gutter changed my miserable life where I was suffering severe apnea and sleeping difficulties. Thanks DrWalid Amyuni11/05/2017
"A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear." 2 years laterRamza Ishak17/03/2017
Thanks to Dr. Alam i can now smile confidently! Amazing work and results👍🏽Lea Fakhry07/03/2017
I had a crackling in the palate and my smile was slightly tilted to the left now thanks to Dr Rafeh I can smile again 😄Ghinwa06/03/2017
I didn't expect this changing , now my smile is shining , thanks for your effort and perfect work😆 .Joy Al Akary04/03/2017
nothing to add to your slogan truly the best "creator of smiles" out there! those three years were truly worth it😄!!Maria El-Tom29/12/2016
Having a healthy smile is one of the best things I've ever had! Thank you Dr.Alamjoane eltom28/12/2016
Best doctor ever , he is a miracle workerCharbel tohme02/12/2016
Thank you Dr. Rafeh El Alam for making my smile the best . You converted my look from this 🤐 And 😊 To that 😁😀😄😆😂Alia Nassif29/11/2016
Thank you Dr. Alam for giving me that hollywood smile , now I feel more confident while smiling.Eliane12/10/2016
Thank you dr.rafeh, my teeth are now in great shape. I hope everyone who has trouble with their teeth consults to you.Geovani baaklini26/09/2016
Merci!DR mes dents sont devenues magnifiques!Nabil El Kahy08/09/2016
I’ve weirdly enjoyed having braces and I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into achieving such a fantastic result for me. Being able to smile confidently without feeling self conscious has changed my life, and I am so grateful for what you’ve done!Alain Nasr06/09/2016
Finally i can smile now 🙂 Thanks Dr. ,you've been very helpful,kind and professional. I highly recommend Dr. RafehRose al Rahi19/08/2016
What a great smile ! Thank to u Dr.Rafeh 😀Peter skayem21/07/2016
Done perfectly in less than 2 years! Thank you:)Tia Mrad14/06/2016
Thank you for creating my beautiful smile I hope that i will become a successful orthodontist as you are Thank you for your support..😊Elissa Saad25/05/2016
A beautiful smile and a healthy mouth, thank to you Dr RafehIzis Saliba22/05/2016
I did not feel the pain and I got a great result, more than I expected! Thank you Dr. Rafeh 😀Anna Christina Chahine12/05/2016
The best orthodontiste😊 Thank youu for this beautifulll smile😆Christy El-Tom04/05/2016
Thank you Dr.Alam for giving me fantastic straight teeth.I can not tell you how much my confidence has grown.😀👌Jad Dagher24/04/2016
Dr El Alam is the best doctor ever. He is so professional and friendly. He gave me my smile back. Thank you Dr. ElAlam.Christelle Elias19/04/2016
The most professional orthodontist i have ever been to. Before i had braces, i tried to hide my smile. Now, thanks to Dr. Rafeh el Alam, i find every way to show it off. Also, he made every appointment painless and comfortableMaria Eid31/03/2016
The Incredible Doctor! The Amazing Transformer! Thank You Much Doc 💋Hiam Hadchity29/03/2016
Dear Dr, My teeth look fantastic! Thank you for taking such good care of my smile. I really appreciate your kindness.Jenifer Abi-yazbeck03/03/2016
Professional work with quick and great results. Relaxing and comfortable atmosphere due to Dr. Rafeh's sense of humour.Jean Claude El Zoghondi15/06/2016
Excellent work and beautiful smiles😊 Thank you Dr.AlamCynthia Akiki12/06/2016
A simply perfrct treatment.Cyril Saad10/06/2016
Great work and the clinic atmosphere always makes it more enjoyeable. Thank you Dr.AlamJoe-hani Kairouz05/06/2016
,بإختصاصك مقام الطب رافع, وبتجميل الفم قلال لمتلك نافع, اللي بيمرق عندك الله عليه شافع انشالله تكون سنة خير د.رافعDr Z. KHOURY01/06/2016
Thank you a lot for your amazing work dr. Your hands can make the best miracles. Your work has changed me by helping me👌Norma Rhayem Aziz17/10/2015
Thanks Dr.Rafeh El Alam for your magnificent job! Keep up the good work. You're the best and funniest Orthodontist ever.Haneen Tarabay13/10/2015
Dr Rafeh El Alam is the best orthodontist😉 Thanks doc for helping me to have my own smile😆Jerome Jihad Gebrayel12/10/2015
Thank you Dr. Rafeh for this amazing smile! Perfect result!stephanie daccache21/09/2015
Best results from the best person. Thank you uncle for your hard work and effort to fix my smile and boost my confidence. After all, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.Elissa Mitri11/09/2015
Before doctor rafeh,i was ashamed of laughing in public,but not anymore...he gave me the best smile ever,he's awesome��Serge hamparsoumian17/08/2015
Thank you Dr. Rafeh for this amazing smile !jeunessa saliba12/08/2015
Dr. Rafeh, a true professional and the funniest ever. Amazing results. Thank you!Lea El Khoury03/06/2015
Thanks for everything.Charbel dargham25/05/2015
8 years ago i went to Dr.RAFEH El Alam, he fixed my teeth ... And now thanks to him no one can take away my smile😁Rafca zghendy20/05/2015
Merci beaucoup docteur Rafeh, vraiment tu es le créateur du sourire!Et maintenant j'ai la confiance en moi même.💖💖Elia Hajj Assaf13/05/2015
2 years and 10 months ago, i used to be uncomfortable smiling in pubilc, but now, thanks to you i'm confident again ! 😉Minojoe elias11/05/2015
Grâce à DR Rafeh El Alam,je suis fier de mon sourire.Dr Rafeh,vous êtes le meilleur orthodontiste. MERCI.Anthony Daniel Khoury07/05/2015
The best doctor ever who repairs teeth. Keep up that beautiful smile his patients. Everlasting smileKarl chukrallah karam15/04/2015
Thank you dr. for the great result, i love my new smile! 🙂LynnLteif27/05/2015
You are the best dr.rafeh! Now I have a perfect smile.. much lovemurielle dagher27/05/2022
Thank You So Much 1years and 3months, and now I have A wonderful SMILE😁Romy Sarkis24/03/2015
Dr. you make a great job with my teeth Nw i have the best smile in the world :p thanks for that!! 😀Edwin Chbat19/03/2015
Best Orthodontist in town and one of the friendliest dudes you can ever meet! Cheers with a big smile 😀Eddy Njeim04/03/2015
Thank you dr Rafeh now i have a perfect smile ,what a great result !! You are the best ...Rita Hanna23/02/2015
Tyv DR ALAM, perfect work, u gave me an everlasting smile, NOW I CAN SMILE!TY!sergio hanna17/02/2015
Excellent dental services... thanks Doctor rafeh el alamelie zgheib17/02/2015
👌Ghywa S. Azar16/02/2015
Dr. Alam you are amazing, thanks to you i have a perfect smile now.I advise all and big time to heading to your clinic..Marie Akiki15/02/2015
Look 2 the picJ S14/02/2015
Thanks dr RAfeh 🙂stephanie mansour12/02/2015
Thank you Dr Rafeh for making me smile with confidence on my special occasions Antonella Azar12/02/2015
thank you Dr.Alam for giving me that amazing smile perfect job.....even if i am latejoe ayoub10/02/2015
Ma langue ne parle plus, Les mots n'ont plus d'effet, Juste un beau sourire qui exprime plus que les mots Merci DR Alammichel achkar06/02/2015
I want to thank you for all of the time and commitment you have put into my smile☺️Joanna Jheyem29/01/2015
Thank you so much Dr.Rafeh, thanks to you now i have an awesome smile 😀Sarmad Al Khafaji26/01/2015
perfection 👌bitar jowey21/01/2015
Thx so much dr Rafeh for my perfect teeth 😁Clara Mouawad16/01/2015
Merci dr Alam pour mes belles dents.Ca m'a pris 2ans pour finir mais ce n est pa grave merci dr. Ma3 dr Alam mafi alamGuillaume gedeon13/01/2015
Avant je n'osais pas sourire mais aprés le merveilleux travail de Dr El Alam je ne fais plus que ça... J'adore!Marie-Renée Kamouh21/12/2014
Travail excellent DR. Rafeh, grâce à vous mon sourire a un grand succès dans mon entourage.Fadi AZZI17/12/2014
Thanks to Dr Rafeh El Alam, so glad I have such a beautiful smile now.Jessica E. Mrad14/12/2014
Thanks to Dr. Alam the secret of my beauty has become my smileLouanna A Hojeily12/12/2014
Dr professionnel et agreable en meme tps!C'est un plaisir de se faire soigner chez lui. Hautement conseillé, mon num 1 😄Cynthia Sawaya05/12/2014
Thank you so much Dr. ALAM !! I am so satisfied with my smile!therese akiki04/12/2014
Thanks you Dr. ALAM for giving me this amazing smile!carine akiki04/12/2014
Thank you Dr. Rafeh for your amazing job. Perfect results!!gabriella frem01/12/2014
Tnx doc with helping me restore my original true smile !! best wishes !!Jean-Paul Nasr14/11/2014
Mon mari ronflait la nuit et arrêtait brusquement la respiration.Un jour j ai vu un reportage sur CNN TV a propos du ronflement qui parlait de la souffrance de l'apnée du sommeil. Et que , cette maladie est liée à la maladie et les crises cardiaques. Et on parlait d'une gouttière Anti-Ronflement Je parlais avec Docteur Rafeh El Alam a propos du reportage et m'a proposé de faire a mon mari une orthèse sur mesure. Depuis q'il la porte ses ronflements ont nettement diminué. Il dort normalement sans se réveiller en cours de nuit et surtout sans aucune gêne ni pour respirer, il ne ronfle pratiquement plus et surtout, il ne fais plus d’apnée du sommeil.Nada Moufarej Souaid13/11/2014
bi2oul l matal t3ebna w l2ina,eh walla li 2allafo manno 8oltan ma3 l7akim dr rafeh l alam :* johnny hajj assaf11/11/2014
I've had symptoms associated with TMJ, 10x to Dr.Rafeh who diagnosed the syndrome. I found relief with a mouth guard.Jessica Khalifeh10/11/2014
Smile... prettiest thing you'll ever wear, thank you Dr. Alam for giving me that amazing smile since 2004!Rana Abdel Sater05/11/2014
Thank u Dr AlamMarie Kh04/11/2014
Dr Rafeh,you are more than a doctor you're an artist. My teeth are considered one of your amazing masterpieces. ThankyouElio Matar02/11/2014
thx u Dr.Alam for this big white beautiful smile u gave me since 2009 ... words can't thank you enough ... Keep Going 🙂Rimane Aziz02/11/2014
Having an amazing smile 10x u Dr AlamElise J. El Rahi29/10/2014
In 2002, great experience changed my smile forever. Dr. Alam is highly competent,very professional and super kind.Aline M.23/10/2014
amazing experience! none of my entourage noticed my invisible lingual braces. 'm so thankful for this piece of art.jean njeim21/10/2014
thx Dr Rafeh u change my smile my look 🙂 ur wonderfullmarie mouawad20/10/2014
Having an amazing smile is the best thing that i ever had . Thank you Dr. Rafehjawad najem18/10/2014
Since 2000, "Keep Smiling" is my daily quote. Thank you Dr. Rafeh for your amazing touch and professional work.Grace Edde16/10/2014
Thank you Dr rafeh, i am very satisfied with my smile, wish you all the best!!Jean-Marie Alam15/10/2014
I thought it was going 2be a very hard experience;but with Dr Alam it turned out that fixing my teeth is a piece of cakeMadeleine Saker15/10/2014
Doctor Alam is a fantastic orthodontist because of his brilliant work for my teeth that were really frustrated.Anthony Khoury14/10/2014
You will never find a Dr holding the flag high ! Proud of having your stamp on my teeth ! All the best ..Mark Abboud11/10/2014
Perfect results! I feel like Brad Pitt! Thank you for your amazing job Dr. Alam!Charbel Khairallah10/10/2014
I really liked my experience with you dr.alam, my teeth are so much better now thanks to you!Joe sassine10/10/2014
Merci bcp docteur grace à vous mon sourire est devenu plus beau! Mon sourire reflète votre professionnalismechristelle karam09/10/2014
"Smile while you still have teeth". All credits go to you Dr. Alam! Thank you for the amazing job you did in 2000 🙂Elsa Abboud08/10/2014
I like very much the environment of the office and the entire staff's friendly attitude, that makes me feel comfortablemonica khairallah06/10/2014
thank you Dr for all of the care & commitment you have put into my teeth.I can now be proud of my smile because of youMaria khairallah04/10/2014
Teeth Whitening! Perfect Results!Ralph Abou Charanek28/07/2014
Thank you Dr. Rafeh for perfectly repairing my teeth. I had outstanding results!! Jennifer Dagher19/07/2014
Having a healthy smile is one of the best thing that I ever Had! Thank you Dr. RafehElie Nasra14/05/2014