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Protraction facemask, facemask, protraction mask, orthopaedic facemask, Delaire mask are many names designating the same appliance.

The protraction facemask is an appliance commonly used in the interceptive treatment of Class III malocclusions where the maxilla (upper jaw) is anteroposteriorly (front-back) deficient. It is designed to apply forward and downward traction on the upper jaw.

A metal bar acts as a framework to maintain support to the forehead and chin. The supports, a forehead rest and a chin cup, are adjusted individually to match the height of the patient’s face.

An extra-oral force is applied through two (2) 8-oz elastics attached to hooks mounted on a fixed intraoral appliance (the most often a palatal expander) toward an adjustable bar attached to the vertical framework.

The force is directed from the back toward the front and downward (posteroanterior and inferior).

The mask is worn during the evening and night for duration of 8 to 12 hours. Wearing the facemask during the day is neither recommended nor necessary. You will see results with good diligence during the evening and night.

The forces induced by the elastics are heavy forces. It is necessary to let the skin of the forehead and chin rest and breathe during the day. For that matter, we recommend cutting and adjusting panty liners and applying them on the internal surface of the supports.