Removable Tru-Tain

The Tru-Tain retainer is comfortable, more esthetic, faster to fabricate, less expensive and retains better than any other retainer.

Very little pressure is needed to either move or retain the positions of teeth. The Tru-Tain retainer is very thin, yet strong enough to maintain adequate pressure, while not encroaching on the freeway space. Minor tooth movements of teeth may be made by altering positions of teeth before making the retainer. This thin plastic is flexible, which is necessary to produce minor tooth movements. The present material and design of the Tru-Tain retainer has been used for over 30 years.

How to Brush?

Dr. El Alam recommends using a soft to medium tooth brush! You Need to Brush and Floss 3 times per day!...

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Teeth Whitening

Whiter than White! Need some instructions? Click Here!...

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Foods to Avoid

Do you know what you can and can't eat with braces? Having braces doesn't mean that you will be living on pureed!...

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Information & Emergency

Occasionally, there may be minor problems with your brace. Please call us on the numbers below or email us!...

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