Hawley Retainer

A Hawley Retainer is a type of retainer we offer our patients.  This "traditional" type of retainer is a nice option for patients who want to keep their teeth straight and bite stable after braces or Invisalign treatment.  We can make passive Hawley retainers and Active Hawley retainers.  The passive retainers are made to keep teeth in the current position.  It prevents teeth from moving if worn properly. Passive retainers are worn most often at night while sleeping.  Active Hawley retainers are custom fabricated to actively move teeth.  Small adjustments can be made to improve the appearance of teeth position.  Best part of Hawley retainers?  You can custom design your own retainers!  Kids absolutely love this option.  Our patients can add glitter, colors, stickers and even glow in the dark to each retainer!

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Information & Emergency

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