Early Orthopedic Treatments
Andresen Monoblock Appliance

Functional appliances are generally only available to children up to the age of about 14 as they are most effective during active stages of growth. These are used to harness the growth of the jaws and improve way the upper and lower teeth meet. They work by positioning the lower jaw in a forward posture which stretches the muscles of the face and helps to correct protruding teeth. In some cases, these appliances encourage favorable growth and help to improve the facial profile.

These appliances are mostly removable but should be worn as near to full-time as possible. The most popular functional appliances used in our clinic are called Andresen activator. Although these braces can be quite chunky, if they are worn well, they can produce great results.

How to Brush?

Dr. El Alam recommends using a soft to medium tooth brush! You Need to Brush and Floss 3 times per day!...

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Teeth Whitening

Whiter than White! Need some instructions? Click Here!...

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Foods to Avoid

Do you know what you can and can't eat with braces? Having braces doesn't mean that you will be living on pureed!...

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Information & Emergency

Occasionally, there may be minor problems with your brace. Please call us on the numbers below or email us!...

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