Early Orthodontic Treatments
Lip Bumper

A lip bumper is used to make more space for crowded teeth. Lip bumpers are usually used for lower teeth, but may be used for upper teeth as well.

A lip bumper slides into metal bands that are glued to the molar teeth. It is worn all of the time except while brushing.

How does a lip bumper work? It removes lip and cheek pressure from the teeth and allows the tongue to widen the arch. The lip bumper also prevents the permanent molars from sliding forward as primary teeth are lost and permanent teeth come in. For this reason, lip bumpers are most effective if started before all the primary teeth are lost.

A lip bumper is very easy to wear. It does not affect speech, and patients learn to quickly slide it in and out in a day or two. Most patients will wear a lip bumper for six to twelve months.


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